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Meet The Team


This is my 10th year in the mortgage business and I have witnessed this industry become a complex web of government regulation and red tape. The ideal customer experience can only be had by a team of dedicated professionals that specialize in each part of the process. I take pride in the fact that I am coached professionally by the number one coaching company in the industry, bottom line is that I committed to finding ways of becoming better. I love working with my team, watching them win every time we have a new raving fan client that either lowers their payment on a refinance or gets the keys to their new house. When I am not wearing a cape at the office, you can find me taking my family on adventures and living a life on purpose.


Phil is an ASU graduate, originally from Illinois but loved the Arizona weather so much that he decided to stay. He has been working with Justin for 4 years as Justin’s right hand and loves talking with people about their home ownership goals. He LOVES sports especially soccer, football, and golf…he enjoys recording his golf swing and making the rest of the team feel inadequate about their swings. Phil also enjoys cooking and hanging out with his wife and 3 dogs.


Matt is originally from Minnesota and transplanted to Arizona in 2006. Matt has been with The Haines Team since 2013. When he’s not working diligently for The Haines Team and their clients, he enjoys doting on his beautiful wife and his two adorable twins. Matt also has a passion for Motocross and looks forward to his days at the track.


Margaret, like most children, was born at a very young age. She is an Arizona native and enjoys spending time with her two wonderful children. Margret has a degree in business and has worked in the mortgage industry for 15 years. If it was up to Margaret, EVERYONE would own a home.


Eric is an Arizona native that enjoys playing volleyball twice a week with his wife and attempting to mountain bike on the trails right by their house. He loves taking trips with his wife and hopes to one day travel the world with her. Eric attended Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in science but loves interacting with people and helping them achieve their goals…he also hates wearing lab coats or scrubs so becoming a doctor or researcher was out of the question. Before working with The Justin Haines Team, Eric worked as an Education Counselor for Grand Canyon University.

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