What is a Fixed Rate Mortgage

If you’re looking to make fixed payments throughout the life of the loan, you’re in the right place. With this type of loan, the amount you pay each month won’t ever increase, so you’ll always be able to plan ahead and maintain a certain standard of living.

Did You Know?

A fixed rate mortgage is a great choice if you plan to stay in yourhome for more than 10 years. The fixed interest rate makes this mortgage popular with first-time home buyers and those who plan to stay in their desired house for many years.

You can choose from various sets of interest rates and loan lengths. The most common type of fixed mortgage loan is 30 years.

“Let’s be honest here, applying for a home loan isn’t that complicated. But to pick the right loan that resonates with your goals – now that’s another story. That’s where we come in.”

Justin Haines, Founder

Fixed-Rate Mortgage is for you if:

You’re a first-time home buyer and looking to settle down for longer periods of time.

You’re seeking the predictability of fixed payments.

You’re looking for a loan that lets you set your household budget.

You have adequate credit. Otherwise, an Adjustable Rate Mortgage might suit your needs better since its initial interest rates are usually lower.

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